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For short, IDWRITERS is a site devoted to showcasing Indonesian writers and/or book authors, along with their publications, journals, and other literary resources in English. Our main feature, the writers directory, provides a way for writers to find one another, but more importantly the resources provided makes it easy for event hosts,—especially for international event hosts—, literary organizers, arts administrators, librarians, booksellers, and readers to get in touch with writers. We built this site because we noticed the lack of resources dedicated to Indonesian literature, especially one that is accessible to the international community.

We are now underway to redefine ourselves as the leading destination to discover INDONESIAN WRITERS database in English. IDWRITERS is about more than just profiling. It’s about data.

Questions, comments, articles, info, etc. are more than welcome. Just send us an e-mail, mention us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or use the contact form.

September 28
Today in History

Starting on this day in 2015, Dalang Publishing presents A Taste of Indonesian Literature Today – Authors and Translators Tour. Award-winning authors and translators — LIAN GOUW, ANINDITA S. THAYF, ERNI ALADJAI, and STEFANNY IRAWAN — present their work and discuss topics of global interest such as human rights, global religious tolerance, environmental concerns, and women’s equality at various venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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