Anak-Anak Revolusi: Buku 2

(Children of the Revolution)

And the War Is Over

The final days of World War II serve as the backdrop for this novel by Ismail Marahimin. Fighting has not reached the small Sumatran village of Taratakbuluh, but the quiet, tradition-bound way of life in ...

Anggadi Tupa: Harvesting the Storm


The first-ever novel by a Papuan author, this story of generosity, greed, and resilience follows the friendship of Andevavait, a tide-pool blenny; Bohurai, a greedy toad-fish; and Anggereai, an observant striped-crab, as they adventure amongst ...

Angsa-angsa Ketapang

Poetry Collection

Anthology of Mildly Erotic Verse

Eroticism isn’t just about sex: it’s about all the things around sex as well. Things like anticipation, desire, intimacy and romance. It can be visceral and beautiful, hilarious and alarming, and each person’s understanding of ...

Anthology of Motherhood

Poetry Collection

The Emma Press Anthology of Motherhood is a beautiful collection of poems about motherhood. Thirty-two poets from around the world consider motherhood from a variety of perspectives, writing sensitively as and about children and mothers, ...

Antologi Rasa

K e a r a We’re both just people who worry about the breaths we take, not how we breathe. How can we be so different and feel so much alike? And tonight, three years ...

Anxiety Myths

Poetry Collection

As a productive literary and theater critic, he is a novelist and a short story writer, Afrizal Malna’s poems maintain a fine balance between consistency of style and variation in theme and subject which asserts ...

Aruna & Lidahnya

(Aruna dan Her Palate)

Aruna is in her mid-30s and happily and proudly single. She is an epidemiologist but her real passion is eating. She thinks and obsesses about food 24/7. When she is dispatched to investigate curious cases ...