The Red Bekisar


In a village of coconut growers in Central Java during the 1960s, Lasi and Kanjat grow up in a community of nira tappers. Half-Japanese and half-Javanese, beautiful Lasi and Kanjat are schoolmates but kept apart ...

The Voices of Butterflies: A Novel


Ni Ketut Sudiani is a talented young female Indonesian author. “The Voices of Butterflies” is her first novel; and it’s selected and published by Sastra Digital, an online publishing and literary magazine, using Createspace independent ...

The Years of Voiceless


Synopsis: Marni is an illiterate Javanese woman who still practices ancestor worship. Through her offerings she finds her gods and puts forth her hopes. She knows nothing of the God brought in from that faraway ...

This Earth of Mankind (Buru Tetralogy #1)


Minke is a young Javanese student of great intelligence and ambition. Living equally among the colonists and colonized of 19th-century Java, he battles against the confines of colonial strictures. It is his love for Annelies ...

This Home Was Never Mine

Non Fiction

Based on the real life accounts of dozens of survivors, “This Home Was Never Mine” is a literary non-ficiton which retraces the life of one Ahmadiyya (a Muslim minority sect) family from Lombok, Indonesia from ...

Through Darkness to Light: A Bilingual Anthology of Indonesian Writing


This anthology is the fruit of an enduring cooperation between the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF) and Hivos. Both organizations share a passion in providing a platform upon which an opoen and dynamic dialogue ...

Tiada Ojek di Paris

Essay Collection

Tidak Ada New York Hari Ini

Poetry Collection

Poems in the book were reflections on what Rangga, the male protagonist of AADC2, had been dealing with during the 14 years he spent living in New York.


Poetry Collection

“Tigress” is the first independently published poem collection by Ayu Meutia in collaboration with Gesa Febrian and Letterplatters. It consists of 52 handpicked poems that resemblance her voice that roars from within, on love and ...

Titik Nol

(Zero Point)

Fascinated by the world, Agustinus goes on a grand journey. He walks the hidden land of the Himalayas, dwells in mysterious Kashmir, and is witness to wars and massacres. It begins with a dream, and ...