Surat Kopi

Poetry Collection

Surat Panjang Tentang Jarak Kita yang Jutaan Tahun Cahaya

(Long Letter about the Million Light Years that Span Between Us)

Surga Sungsang

Collection of Short Stories



Tanah Air yang Hilang

Collection of Short Stories

Tanah Tabu


First winner of Sayembara Novel DKJ 2008. In Tanah Tabu, Leksi and her two pets tell the story of grandmother Mabel, a woman from the Dani tribe, born and raised in Papua’s interior. The de ...

Tarian Bumi

Earth Dance,” the story of four generations of Balinese women, centers on conflicts that arise between the demands of caste and personal desires. Narrated by Ida Ayu Telaga, a Balinese woman in her thirties, the ...