Books (Indonesian)

Sesudah Ekskavasi

Poetry Collection

Setangkai Melati di Sayap Jibril

(A Sprig of Jasmine on Gabriel’s Wings)
Collection of Short Stories

Si Parasit Lajang: Seks, Sketsa, & Cerita

(The Single Parasite)

The Single Parasite’s protagonist is a metropolitan girl who doesn’t want to get married. The book comprises a collection of funny and ironic short stories about daily life and opinion columns especially on gender and ...

Sihir Perempuan

A collection of Indonesian gothic short stories about women and being women. All the stories shows women from different perspectives, yet all mysteriously and beautifully crafted. A gem if you ever seen one.

Sitti Nurbaya: Kasih Tak Sampai

(Sitti Nurbaya: A Love Unrealized)

First published in 1922, the novel “Sitti Nurbaya: A Love Unrealized,” by Marah Rusli, retains the poignancy that made it a modern Indonesian classic. In terms of its social impact in what was then the ...

Skenario Remang-Remang

Collection of Short Stories

Smokol: Cerpen Kompas Pilihan 2008

Collection of Short Stories