Bule Hunter: Kisah Para Perempuan Pemburu Bule

Book / Journal

Bule Hunter: Tales of Women who Pursue Western Men
by Elisabeth Oktofani

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
312 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786021201084
Published Aug 01, 2014 by Renebook

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Indonesian women who have Western partners or husbands are often met with negative, sometimes harsh judgment from people around them, from gold diggers to exotic-looking harlots. ​When you see an Indonesian woman with brown complexion walking together with a Western man, for example, you might hear responses like, “Why on Earth would a bule want to be with a woman with a tampang babu?”

Bule is an Indonesian slang word for Westerners, while tampang babu means the face of a domestic help.

Published by Rene Books this year, it is based on Oktofani’s interviews with several women with Western partners to understand their motivation in pursuing the men.

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