Gentayangan: Pilih Sendiri Petualangan Sepatu Merahmu

Book / Novel

The Wandering: Choose Your Own Red Shoes Adventure
by Intan Paramaditha

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
512 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786020377728
Published Oct 16, 2017 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama

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Gentayangan: Pilih Sendiri Petualangan Sepatu Merahmu (The Wandering: Choose Your Own Red Shoes Adventure) is a novel about travel and displacement, capturing those who are tempted by the edges, those in motion and paralyzed, those who flee and get caught. Depending on your choice, the cursed journey of the red shoes will take you to New York the city of rats, Tijuana Border, a church in Haarlem, or a mosque in Jakarta, in an airless taxi or a train that would not stop, dead or alive (or bored). Forever “gentayangan” (wandering, haunting, being in between), you will encounter stories of travelers, tourists, and migrants, their escape and border crossing, their search for home, routes, and emergency exit.

Gentayangan crosses many borders: the borders between countries and individuals and stories; the borders between reader and character and writer; the borders between “you” and “me.”
Tiffany Tsao in Intan Paramaditha’s ‘Gentayangan’ crosses many borders (The Jakarta Post, Nov 13, 2017)