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Jun 11, 2018

Beni Satryo: Play with words, with sprinkles of dry humor

At first glance, Jakarta-based writer and poet Beni Satryo’s work comes across as being imbued with sprinkles of dry humor and droll sarcasm, the kind that is not atypical to “young”-ish, 20-something purveyors of the pen such as himself. But dig deeper, and that element of semi-comedy dissipates to make place for a refreshing earnestness: a naturally unpretentious sense of words and lines that is unique in its straightforward honesty.

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Book Story

Jun 07, 2018

Remembering the gang rapes of May 1998

By the end of the New Order in 1998, the writer Seno Gumira Ajidarma was established as a chronicler of state-based violence and urban society. His collection of stories, Saksi Mata (Eye Witness), published in 1994, was the first literary documentation of the killing and trauma inflicted on the people of Timor Loro Sae, and was partly facilitated by Seno’s journalistic connections. Seno drew on his ability to write tightly framed stories for mass media. He became one of the most prominent writers working within the literary genre known as ‘sastra koran’ (newspaper literature). After the May 1998 riots Seno wrote three short stories about the violence and gang rapes of mostly ethnic Chinese women that took place in the midst of the rioting in Jakarta and other cities. The stories published in newspapers and magazines at the time were: ‘Clara Atawa Perempuan yang Diperkosa’ (‘Clara or the Woman who was Raped’, published in Republika on 26 July 1998); ‘Jakarta, Suatu Ketika’ (‘Jakarta at a Certain Point in Time’, Horison, June 1999); and ‘Jakarta 2039: 40 Tahun 9 Bulan Setelah 13-14 Mei 1998’ (‘Jakarta 2039: 40 years 9 months after 13-14 May 1998’, first published in Matra, 1999).

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What's New

May 09, 2018

A writer’s festival in Makassar: The secret to its success — people power!

It’s been a while since I attended a festival in Indonesia. Last decade I was a regular visitor to Java, taking part in Utan Kayu Bienale, (Jakarta, Bandung, Lampung) Salihara Biennale( Jakarta), Perfurbance (Jogjakarta) and Mata Air (Salitiga). When I told aussie friends I was going to attend MIWF, a writer’s festival in Makassar, many replied, where’s that?

May 06, 2018

Writers’ Series 2018 encourages creation of positive narrations

The annual Writers' Series held by The Jakarta Post Writing Center returns for the third time this weekend. Running two days until May 6, the first day of the event, which was a mini conference, took place in the Upper Room, Annex Building, Central Jakarta. Meanwhile, the second day will host a premium workshop at the Post’s office in Palmerah, West Jakarta.

May 04, 2018

Literature plays crucial role as Indonesia enters 20th year of reformation

As Indonesia celebrates its 20th year of reformation this year, literature plays a crucial role in reminding us of the importance of learning from history, says University of Indonesia cultural science professor Melani Budianta. “The reformation may still feel new for some people, yet it has changed [many things] rapidly that we need to look back to process it. Learning from history is very important so that we don’t forget what we are fighting for and make the same mistakes all over again. Why literature? Because it has the potential to open our imagination; allowing us to imagine something outside of what exists today,” said Melani during a discussion themed “20 Years of Reform”, among the events at the Makassar International Writers Festival that took place at Makassar Muhammadiyah University on Thursday.


May 24, 2017

Tiffany Tsao: On working with Norman for Asymptote

One of the most rewarding things about being an Editor-at-Large for Asymptote is unearthing and bringing a new life to exciting work from the countries we represent. As the Indonesia Editor-at-Large, I see my role as that ...

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May 4, 2018

May the 4th Be With Us!

On March 7, —it’s hard to believe almost two months have gone by since then—we announced that we would stop our service immediately in April, both in social media and web services. Unfortunately, the heartbreaking ...

March 7, 2018


A tough message to share today (or the saddest thing to have to say?) After almost four years of “social service“,—published as a non-for-profit and a self-funded project since June 2014—between timing, funding, and everything ...