Media Clippings

A compilation of every mention of Indonesian writers, written on English/foreign-language media. See also What Media Say.

Writing about Indonesia

Mar 28, 2018 / Kitaab by Anita A Thomas
‘Writing about Indonesia’ predicates a knowledge of the country, and the panel discussion hosted by Books Actually on March 22nd presented interesting viewpoints from Singapore-based author Shivaji Das (also humanitarian, photographer and management consultant) and award-winning Indonesian author Okky Madasari, currently writer-in-residence at the International Writing Program, University of Iowa. While both panellists spoke of (and write about) Indonesia from individual perspectives and experiences, their sentiments were similar – socially conscious, politically cognisant, concerned with the effects of nationalism, populism and patriotism, the increasing polarities between communities, the plight of the lesser-known groups and people on the fringes, the marginalised and the displaced.

Outstanding Indonesian Women

Mar 01, 2018 / The Jakarta Globe
The women’s movement is actively breaking gender boundaries in different fields. The Jakarta Globe Insight made a list of outstanding Indonesian women who have pursued their careers and achieved their goals. These women have set the bar for others in the industry and inspire young women to do better. Leila S. Chudori (for Literature) & Melani Budianta (for Humanities) are among of them.

LiBeratur Prize puts non-European female writers in the spotlight

Jan 26, 2018 / Deutsche Welle by Sabine Peschel
A unique program is underway to celebrate the anniversary. Laureates from past years will gather on January 26 and 27, including Fariba Vafi from Iran (2017), the Indonesian poet and journalist Laksmi Pamuntjak (2016), Canadian novelist Madeleine Thien (2015), Raja'a Alem from Saudi Arabia (2014), Argentine Claudia Pineiro (2010) and Mayra Montero from Cuba (1998).

Literature is the new cool

Dec 19, 2017 / The Jakarta Post by Sebastian Partogi
Recently, there has been increased demand among the Indonesian public for quality literary works thanks to the influence of social media, literary references in popular culture and thriving literary festivals across the country as well as international recognition for some local authors. That is why Indonesian bookworms are seeing more new titles and reprinted works than ever in the literature section of mainstream bookstores — both works penned by local writers as well as translations.

The letters spelled COURAGE: Fighting censorship in Indonesia

Dec 14, 2017 / Right Now by Sam Flynn
There is a creeping silence in Indonesia. At the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Sam Flynn spoke to those who write from the margins, despite the real and violent repercussions they face for doing so.

Indonesian writers share thoughts on Islamic diversity in Brussels

Nov 21, 2017 / The Jakarta Post by Keshie Hernitaningtyas
Around 30 people attended a literary event titled "Islamic Diversity in Indonesia" at the Festival Center in the Dynasty Building, Brussels, Belgium, on Monday. Moderated by Manneke Budiman, who teaches literature and cultural studies at the University of Indonesia, the event featured three Indonesian authors whose work involved the topic of Islam in the social context, namely Lily Yulianti Farid, Ben Sohib and Intan Paramaditha.

‘Perempuan Perempuan Chairil’ Promotes Love For Local Theatre And Indonesian Literature

Nov 15, 2017 / by Umesh Bhagchandani
A silhouette stands tall on the stage behind a street lamp prop. He lights a cigarette and begins to soliloquy to the audience about women and his banter with his friend about them. The mysterious figure is Chairil Anwar: Indonesia’s prolific poet from the 1940s who is widely known for his individualist and existentialist poems that changed the face of Indonesian literature, and his banter was with HB Jassin, another literary figure of the time, which serves as the opening monologue for Perempuan Perempuan Chairil (Chairil’s Women).

John McGlynn & Lontar Foundation: Translating & Preserving Indonesian Literature

Nov 08, 2017 / Ubud Now & Then by Eddie Dobbins
The theme for this year’s Ubud Writers & Readers Festival was ‘Sangkan Paraning Dumadi’, or ‘Origins’ – a term that “speaks to our eternal connection to where we have come from, and to where we will ultimately return.” This ties in well with the work of John McGlynn, who has devoted his entire life to putting Indonesian literature into the global conversation through the Lontar Foundation (founded in 1987).

Politics on poets’ mind

Oct 09, 2017 / The Jakarta Post by A. Kurniawan Ulung
A poem is not just a bunch of words. Poems have the power to shift our political consciousness, make strong statements and trigger a movement. Poems can shake the world.

Max Lane brings millennial generation closer to works of Pramoedya

Oct 08, 2017 / Asia Pacific Report by James Balowski
A discussion with Max Lane analysing Pramoedya and his Buru Quartet — a series of four novels that have gained acclaim throughout the world — was held recently in the grounds of the Malang State University (UNM) Library Cafe in East Java.