Media Clippings

A compilation of every mention of Indonesian writers, written on English/foreign-language media. See also What Media Say.

The Gathering of Writers

Nov 03, 2014 / Tempo English by Sutrisno Zulkifli
Hasrullah recalled the moment when his house was set on fire four years ago. The fire was set by a group of unidentified people. Hasrullah shared his traumatic experience in the gathering event for writers ...

Putting the Word Out

Oct 30, 2014 / Southeast Asia Globe by Nithin Coca
The works of Indonesia’s writers are barely known in the literary salons of New York and London, but moves across the archipelago could help a talented new stable of authors ink their names on the ...

A Frankfurt to remember: round up of news, anecdotes, friends and firsts

Oct 13, 2014 / Pontas – Latest News
This year we covered approximately 350 meetings between us and met with editors from 25 different countries/languages, as well as many film producers and film scouts looking for literary properties to adapt. We reconnected with old friends, such as John McGlynn from The Lontar Foundation, translator of the Indonesian author Pramoedya Ananta Toer (whom we used to represent in the early 2000’s), and with whom we now share the promotion of Leila Chudori and her novel Pulang.

Translating Indonesian Literature: Promoting Culture, Spreading Ideas, Fostering Change

Aug 07, 2014 / Personal Blog by Dirgantara Reksa Ginanjar
“…without a love of literature, you’ll remain just a lot of clever animals.” —Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Bumi Manusia In April of 2014, Indonesia’s vice minister for education and culture, Wiendu Nuryanti, announced that the Indonesian ...

A Look Into Makassar’s Literary Culture

May 26, 2014 / The Jakarta Globe by Sylviana Hamdani
"It’s a brave step to organize an international festival in the middle of nowhere,” said Lily, with a laugh. “But it’s a great starting point to develop new literary talents in the city." About 30 Indonesian and international writers have been invited to the four-day festival.

Kate Griffin: Taking literature to a new level

Apr 28, 2014 / The Jakarta Post by Niken Prathivi
A self-professed book lover, Kate Griffin travels the world to discover inspiring literature. When she finds them, Griffin, who is the international program director for the British Center for Literary Translation (BCLT), makes them available ...

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015: How serious is Indonesia in promoting its culture, literature?

Apr 06, 2014 / The Jakarta Post by Niken Prathivi
At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, Indonesia will be the event’s guest of honor, offering the nation a chance to show the world that it has tremendous wealth of culture and literature. The event will ...

Indonesian books, crossing continents

Apr 06, 2014 / The Jakarta Post by Niken Prathivi
Indonesia is a culturally rich country, as evidenced by the growing number of literary works. However, at the international level, Indonesian letters are still underappreciated — something that can be attributed to the dearth of ...

Jakarta’s ASEAN Literary Festival Spotlights Regional Realities

Apr 01, 2014 / Publishing Perspectives by Claudia Kaiser
Indonesia holds several literature festivals, including the Ubud Litarture Festival on Bali and another in Makassar, amongst others. But earlier this month from, March 21-23, the capital Jakarta played host to the first ASEAN Literary ...

New Indonesian Literature in Translation (I-Lit) Program

Mar 20, 2014 / UHCSEAS by Ronald Gilliam
The Lontar Foundation recently announced that the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture has established a translation funding program. Just last week, at the Liepzig Book Fair, representatives of the Ministry formally announced the establishment ...