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Nov 08, 2017 / The Jakarta Post
on Eka Kurniawan

Eka Kurniawan: Writing fearlessly

From a prostitute returning from the dead, a monkey dreaming of being a human to a man tragically finding himself impotent, award winning author Eka Kurniawan talks about politics, history, crime, sex and philosophy in a witty way. For Eka, his books are like his babies, including his third novel, Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash. Vengeance the English version of Seperti Dendam, Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas, which was first published in 2014 in Indonesia.
Nov 03, 2017 / The Jakarta Post
on Feby Indirani

Bringing back tolerance through arts, reading

Historian JJ Rizal said the ancient kingdom of Sriwijaya, along with the neighboring port city of Barus in North Sumatra, possessed a strong intellectual tradition, which promoted open-mindedness and, in the end, became a flourishing international trade hub. The open-minded intellectual tradition also provided space for people from different religious.
Oct 30, 2017 / Mongabay
on Khairani Barokka

A roar for nature in Indonesia: Q&A with the poet behind ‘Indigenous Species’

Two decades after the catastrophic Indonesian wildfires of 1998-9, writer and artist Khairani Barokka revisits her feelings about the disaster in a book-length poem that highlights environmental degradation and indigenous rights violations. Barokka wrote “Indigenous Species” in 2013 for a performance at the Melbourne Emerging Writers’ Festival, and published it last December through Tilted Axis, a nonprofit press based in London. As an adolescent, Barokka witnessed her parents, an urban planner and an ecologist, try to deal with the fallout from the fires. Though no longer as severe, the burning still occurs every year across Sumatra, Borneo and other Indonesian regions, the result of large-scale peatland drainage and slash-and-burn practices. In 2015, smoke from the fires sickened half a million people.
Oct 28, 2017 / The Jakarta Post
on Nh. Dini

Literary festival shines light on living legend Nh. Dini

A jubilant session with one of Indonesia’s living literary legends Nh. Dini was the highlight of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2017.
Oct 25, 2017 / VICE
on Intan Paramaditha

When Wandering the Globe Is a Feminist Choose-Your-Own Adventure

We spoke with the rising author Intan Paramaditha about her life on the move and why "bad girls wander." Intan Paramaditha has spent the last decade moving from place to place, but, for this rising Indonesian author, the concept seems to take on a more ethereal state of being. She describes it with the word "gentayangan," which, sure it means "wandering," but it's typically used to describe ghosts who refuse to cross over to the other side.
Oct 16, 2017 / The Jakarta Post
on Ratih Kumala

Ratih Kumala: An instinctive, detailed storyteller

Pursuing a career as a writer requires a lot of energy and persistence, according to novelist-scriptwriter Ratih Kumala. Suppose you are walking to an Indonesian restaurant with a friend. You both sit at a table before taking a glimpse at bottles of sarsaparilla and kerupuk(deep fried crackers) sitting atop it. You might not think too deeply about them. That is not the case for novelist, short story writer and scriptwriter Ratih Kumala, who said that she had a penchant for developing stories from small, often trivialized things, such as the objects that were sitting on our table during an interview in mid-September.
Oct 09, 2017 / The Jakarta Post
on Nirwan Dewanto

Nirwan Dewanto straddling three worlds

Nirwan Dewanto, mostly known for his poetry, has launched a series of works in the world of both literature and visual arts. From Sept. 2 to 11 last year, Nirwan organized an exhibition at the Dia.Lo.Gue artspace in Kemang, South Jakarta, in conjunction with the launch of his book, Satu Setengah Mata-Mata (One-and-a-Half Spies, OAK Publishing, 2016), a collection of essays on visual arts.
Oct 04, 2017 / Radix Media
on Innosanto Nagara

Community Spotlight: Innosanto Nagara

Innosanto Nagara is one of our favorite illustrators. We first came across the posters that he designed along with the rest of Design Action Collective. His style is unmistakable and inspiring. Several years ago, he dove into the world of children’s book publishing and has been going strong ever since. With titles that include A is for Activist, Counting on Community, and My Night in the Planetarium, Innosanto has left his mark on the children’s book industry with beautiful, socially conscious books.
Oct 04, 2017 / The Jakarta Post
on Eka Kurniawan

Eka Kurniawan’s ‘Beauty is a Wound’ listed in French literary award

Indonesian author Eka Kurniawan's debut novel Cantik itu Luka (Beauty is a Wound, or Les belles de Halimunda in French) has been included in France’s Prix Médicis 2017 literary awards list.
Sep 28, 2017 / Asymptote
on Marianne Katoppo

Marianne Katoppo: The Frog who Left the Coconut Shell Far Behind

Writer and world-renowned feminist theologian Marianne Katoppo maintained that theology was rooted in language. Asymptote Indonesia Editor-at-Large and poet Norman Erikson Pasaribu makes the case that with her writing, Katoppo also challenged and defied the systemic injustices of Indonesian society that were inherent in language, too. Enjoy Norman’s beautiful essay in English and scroll down to read it in the original Indonesian.