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May 08, 2012 / The Jakarta Post
on Leon Agusta (1938-2015)

Breathing Poetry

Noted poet Leon Agusta’s journey as a man of literature began when he was at a loss for words. His childhood in West Sumatra already immersed him, along with other children then, in the culture ...
May 07, 2012 / The Jakarta Post
on Leon Agusta (1938-2015)

Leon Agusta’s work to be performed this week

A number of artists from various disciplines are set to perform together in a staging of a theatrical performance based on the poetry of Leon Agusta. That performance is Kapal Penyeberangan Hukla, which can roughly ...
Nov 07, 2011 / Others
on Agustinus Wibowo

Under the Skin: Agustinus Wibowo

For a person with rather small posture (sorry Mas Agus, no offense), he has big stories to be told. Agustinus Wibowo, now at the age of 30, has accomplished Tibet, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, all countries ...
Oct 09, 2011 / The Jakarta Globe
on John Waromi

Giving West Papua Its Own Voice

A fresh and authentic voice in contemporary Indonesian verse, John is a 51-year-old Serui man from the islands south of Biak, West Papua. He writes in Indonesian, using words from indigenous Papuan languages as he sees fit. “Sulur-Sulur Sali,” John said, referred to the lengths of grass used to make Papuan highlander women’s frocks.
Sep 20, 2011 / The Jakarta Globe
on A. Fuadi

Author Ahmad Fuadi is Living the Dream

For Ahmad Fuadi, author of the “Negeri 5 Menara” (“The Land of Five Towers”) novel trilogy, life is an adventure. Fuadi’s life, on which the trilogy is based, has taken him from a small village ...
Aug 07, 2011 / The Brunei Times
on Achdiat K Mihardja (1911-2010)

Achdiat Mihardja – author of Atheis

ATHEIS (The Atheist) is a masterpiece of the Indonesian literary history. The novel was published in 1949 and written by Achdiat Karta Mihardja, an Indonesian author of the 45 generation, a generation that was creative around and after the independence of the republic between 1942-1966. Achdiat was a contemporary of Indonesian poets, authors and journalists such as Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Chairil Anwar, Asrul Sani, Idrus, Mochtar Lubis, etc. Despite its controversy, Atheis has been studied not only in Indonesian schools and universities but also in the other regional countries, including Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Even in several Indonesian blogs, focusing on the Indonesian literary, many young people actively discuss the novel. In addition, it has been translated into English and is included among UNESCO’s collection of representative works.
Jul 25, 2011 / The Jakarta Globe
on Dee Lestari

Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari Finds Her Freedom

Dewi Lestari, known to her fans as Dee, is an explorer of the creative world. The singer, novelist and mother of two is always willing to try new things, from yoga and meditation to bread-making ...
Dec 20, 2010 / The Jakarta Post
on Ucu Agustin

Ucu Agustin: Small but powerful

“A petite woman who can pack a fair punch” seems like the best way to describe film director Ucu Agustin, the talented director behind some of Indonesia’s greatest documentaries. Ucu’s frame may appear small and ...
Oct 25, 2010 / Others
on Dee Lestari

Dee: Inspiring and Intriguing

It has been a chilling week here in Taipei. Rainy, and the temperature is getting steady below 30 degree Celsius. It makes me lazy to wake up and get out to lab (haha~). Drizzling and ...
Oct 18, 2010 / The Jakarta Globe
on Claudia Natasia

Indonesian Novelist Spreads Her Youthful Wings

Claudia Natasia, 17, may seem like just any other student at the Sekolah Pelita Harapan International School where she is currently enrolled. But at a young age, she has managed to achieve what others can ...