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Eka Kurniawan’s Vengeance Is Mine is limp venture into violence

Jan 13, 2018 / Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash
After the ambition and squalid lyricism of his previous novels, Man Tiger and Beauty is a Wound, the latest from the Indonesian wunderkind is pure Hobbesian deliverance: nasty, brutish and short. Yet what might have at least offered teenage kicks — the PR blurb optimistically evokes Quentin Tarantino — instead grinds away joylessly and aimlessly, without ever truly coming to life.

Leila S. Chudori’s evolving journey

Jan 08, 2018 / Laut Bercerita
“Try to count them, I dare you,” Tempo veteran journalist and author Leila S. Chudori responded in protest over an assertion that fictional stories on the 1965 coup and subsequent killings of members and sympathisers of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) were trending. Leila, who has just launched another book Laut Bercerita (The Sea Speaks His Name), recently visited Australia to discuss her latest work in sessions at the University of Melbourne’s Indonesia Forum and Australian National University’s Indonesia Project. Previously, she published the award-winning novel Pulang (Homecoming), which focuses on the human impact of the 1965-1966 killings and their aftermath.

‘Gentayangan’ Takes Readers on Adventures to Question Identity and Belonging

Jan 08, 2018 / Gentayangan: Pilih Sendiri Petualangan Sepatu Merahmu
"Gentayangan" is an Indonesian term referring to the dead who, instead of proceeding to the hereafter, haunt the living. In Intan's book, the word points to women tempted to cross geographical and social boundaries.

Translating the darkness

Jan 07, 2018 / Apple and Knife
The New Zealand Festival's Reader and Writer's section is a chance to see some of your favourite authors and find many new ones. A very new author - at least to English language fiction is Indonesian writer Intan Paramaditha.

Bre Redana launches book, reminisces about golden era of print journalism

Jan 02, 2018 / Koran Kami, With Lucy In The Sky
Koran Kami with Lucy in the Sky is a story about veteran journalist Santosa Santiana, also known as SS, who is asked by friends to create a newspaper amid the popularity of online media. The team recruits retired journalists and names their newspaper Koran Kami (Our Newspaper). They believe it is still possible for printed media to survive in this day and age. Bre includes a brief romance between SS and a subordinate, Lucy.

The Birdwoman’s Palate by LAKSMI PAMUNTJAK

Jan 02, 2018 / The Birdwoman’s Palate
I’ve picked this book as one of my Kindle First in January, partially because I’m doing Reading Challenge at The Fiction Cafe Book club and the first one was to read a book with a food item on the cover. I’ve had few book contestants for this challenge but as soon as I saw this cover, I knew I had to buy it. It just so colourful and pretty, yes I do judge book by it’s cover. However now I will judge it also by its content.

Eka Kurniawan Celebrates 15 Years of ‘Cantik Itu Luka’ With New Cover

Dec 21, 2017 / Cantik itu Luka
Indonesia's largest book publishing company Gramedia Pustaka Utama celebrated the 15th anniversary of Eka Kurniawan’s best selling novel "Cantik itu Luka," or "Beauty Is a Wound," at Kinokuniya book store in South Jakarta on Thursday (14/12). In conjunction with the event, Gramedia released a hardcover edition of the novel designed by Malang-based visual artist Orkha Creative.

Leila Chudori’s New Novel Speaks About Missing 1998 Activists

Dec 18, 2017 / Laut Bercerita
More than 500 silent rallies have already been held in front of the State Palace, each Thursday, demanding that the government investigate well-known cases of human rights abuses, including the disappearance of activists during the 1998 protests against Suharto's regime. "The Sea Speaks His Name," a new novel by writer and journalist Leila S. Chudori, describes the activists' families struggle for truth and justice.

Leila S. Chudori’s latest book adapted into short film

Dec 14, 2017 / Laut Bercerita
The latest book from Indonesian journalist and writer Leila S. Chudori, titled Laut Bercerita (The Sea Speaks His Name), is set to be adapted into a 30-minute short film under the same name.

Intan Paramaditha’s ‘Gentayangan’ crosses many borders

Nov 13, 2017 / Gentayangan: Pilih Sendiri Petualangan Sepatu Merahmu
You yearn to travel, but never have. It’s too expensive, so you’re stuck here — in Indonesia, at your boring job teaching English, despite never having stepped foot in an English-speaking country. You’ve tried to find fulfillment in romance, but your boyfriends have all been losers. Meanwhile, your sister’s doing well: she has a successful husband, two cute kids, and runs her own Islamic fashion business. That’s fine for her, but it’s not the life you want for yourself. Not at all. What choice does a gal have but to cut a deal with the devil? So that’s exactly what you, the protagonist of Gentayangan, do.