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‘Indonesia 1998’: A satirical illustration of the country’s past

Aug 14, 2017 / Indonesia 1998: English Edition
Cartoonist Muhammad “Mice” Misrad still vividly remembers what he was doing on May 14, 1998, at the time of the bloody tragedy that has been indelibly etched as one of the country’s darkest moments.

Blogger Releases New Memoir on Adulting

Aug 10, 2017 / What I Wish I Had Known (& Other Lessons You Learned in Your 20s)
Many of us have gone through a challenging transformation before reaching adulthood. A newly launched English-language memoir thoroughly captured the experience of a 20-something blogger, her struggles with a quarter-life crisis and how she deals with it.

Eka Kurniawan: Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash

Aug 05, 2017 / Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash
This is the third novel in translation from Eka Kurniawan, an Indonesian wunderkind whose Beauty Is a Wound was an unlikely smash in 2015 and was followed the same year by Man Tiger, which made the Man Booker International Prize longlist in 2016.

The children’s books you should show your kids this summer

Aug 05, 2017 / My Night in the Planetarium
There are August days when the swimming pool doesn’t look so good, when thinking about school supplies seems just not-yet, when the kick ball is lost under the porch — and there’s nothing to do. That’s the time to find a comfortable, shady spot, a good book and a good friend to share it with.

‘Non-Spesifik’: Anya Rompas’ New Book Delves Into Poet’s Volatile Mind

Aug 03, 2017 / Non-Spesifik
A full-house crowd at the cafe, on a Wednesday afternoon no less, belied the fact Non-Spesifik, published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama, is not exactly a happy book. The title is taken from the name of a mental disorder the poet suffers from: non-specific, non-psychotic bipolar disorder, which in Anya’s case causes periods of depression and periods of elevated mood according to what triggers her.

New Anthology Asks People to Lighten Up About Religion

Jul 21, 2017 / Bukan Perawan Maria
The 19 stories in Bukan Perawan Maria, published by Pabrikultur, ask readers one thing: to lighten up, because, it’s only religion. It reflects her take on the increasingly more conservative society, and her belief in literature as to tool to ease the seemingly growing pain.

Eka Kurniawan’s brutal novel on Indonesian masculinity is not for the faint-hearted

Jul 19, 2017 / Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash
After Man Tiger and Beauty Is a Wound, the third work by the literary sensation to be translated into English is an unflinching examination of physical and sexual violence.

The Book of Forbidden Feelings by Lala Bohang

Jul 18, 2017 / The Book of Forbidden Feelings
Someone asked me if the book was about love story, unrequited one or something like that. I said no way. It was much more deep and personal than that. /laugh/ I actually cannot read poetry book that is too cliche. I read the three books of Lang Leav. Eventhough I finished it all but I just skimmed it and decided that was not my cup of tea.

Riding high: The secrets of Indonesia’s finest novelist

Jul 13, 2017 / Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash
EKA KURNIAWAN’S hugely inventive fiction is a potent blend of grounded realism and flighty fantasy. It has led some to describe him as Indonesia’s finest writer since Pramoedya Ananta Toer, who died in 2006.

Paper Boats by Dee Lestari

May 28, 2017 / Paper Boats
Paper Boats begins in the summer of 1999, Keenan headed back to Indonesia to start university, after spending his teen years with his grandmother in Amsterdam. He goes to study in Bandung, joining his cousin, Eko, and Eko's girlfriend, Noni; he is also immediately introduced to Noni's best friend, Kugy.