Esti Kinasih

She was working as a banker before reliazing that it was not her passion and decided to become a writer. An author of best selling-novel, Fairish (2004).

Eva Sri Rahayu

Graduated from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, majoring Teknologi Pendidikan. Her first book, “I’m Not an Underdog”, published in Juli 2006. Her second novel, “Dunia Trisa”, published by Stiletto Book in 2011, her third novel, title “Love ...

Eve Shi

Indonesian, lifelong and full-time fangirl, writer. She subsists on tea, fruit juice, and the occasional latte. Currently her favorite writers are the late Liang Yusheng (wuxia writer), Arakawa Hiromu (mangaka), and Zen Cho (Malaysian speculative ...