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Zelfeni Wimra

Author of Pengantin Subuh (2009); Air Tulang Ibu (2012); and Yang Menunggu dengan Payung (2013).

Zen Hae

A poet, short story writer, and researcher who actively explores literature. He previously worked as a document/script writer for Bintang Group. He graduated with a degree in language and literature from IKIP Jakarta (now Jakarta ...

Ziggy Zezsyazeo viennazabrizkie

Ziggy Zezsyazioviennazabriskie’s novels Di Tanah Lada (2015) and Semua Ikan di Langit (2017) won awards in Jakarta Art Council’s Novel Writing Competition. Earlier in her career, she wrote mosty horror and fantasy novels for children and young adults.1 LIFEs ↩

Zubaidah Djohar

A researcher, trainer, humanitarian worker and most famously, a poet. ZDj is the founder and director of the Timang Research Center and has been a fellow researcher at the Aceh Institute since 2007. She is ...

Zulfikar Rakhmat, Muhammad

A writer and journalist. In 2015, he published his book entitled “Inilah Jihadku”, narrating his struggles as a disabled in Indonesia. Zulfikar is also a journalist who has written over 200 articles in many global ...