Works (in English)

A collection of works originally published in English.

Sep 04, 2017

Short Story: Wrong number

by Anton Kurnia
The phone rings. Matari picks it up. “Hello, this is 250-0998.” “Sorry, wrong number,” says a woman on the other end, softly. Matari puts the phone down and returns to his book. He has read it seven times. Not because he loves it, but because it is the only book he owns. Its last page is missing. Maybe somebody had torn it out.
Aug 29, 2017

Why using English doesn’t make me any less Indonesian

by Marcella Purnama
I was 12 when I read my first Harry Potter book. I had just finished watching the Prisoner of Azkaban and I couldn’t wait to know what would happen next. So I bought the Indonesian translation of ...
Aug 07, 2017

Money for your English

by Khairani Barokka
“if you do not speak english, you may not be able to survive it is sink or swim.” in sixth grade, i stood under a boil of a sun at our school assembly, speaker warning ...
Aug 01, 2017

Mobile Libraries in the Furthest Corners of Indonesia

by Erni Aladjai
Most public libraries in Indonesia aren’t mobile libraries, but are housed in buildings. However, this kind of library only has a limited reach due to Indonesia’s geographical location and the fact that the country consists of thousands of islands. Moreover, not all Indonesians feel comfortable visiting a public library in a building. Mobile Libraries are an effort to reach out to more people, specifically to communities in regions with limited access to transportation and information.
May 18, 2017

Foreword from Makassar International Writers Festival

by Lily Yulianti Farid
With Diversity as the main theme, MIWF opens more room/space for meaningful conversations, intriguing insights and stimulating intellectual exchanges. We want to learn from past conflicts and the ongoing social and political escalations. We hope that through this exchange writers, readers and the general audience will maintain their hopes for a better and humanised Indonesia, a better and humanised World.
Apr 01, 2017

Blood Like Water

by Eve Shi
My friend Budi told me that Pak Eko saw the creature toward midnight. The pensioner was watching a dangdut singing competition on TV when a faint thump came from his front porch. The second time ...
Mar 27, 2017

[Let them eat] Cake

by Ninda Daianti
Ray, always hot tempered, tapped his fingers every three seconds on the table. He hated waiting. Lola, as usual, hadn’t arrived just yet; Ray looked at his watch. They’ve been coming here for the past ...
Jan 30, 2016

I hated gays, and they weren’t real — back then

by Okky Madasari
Sometimes we hate something just because we don’t understand it. This is exactly what happened to me when it comes to homosexuality. Ten years ago, I was in my early 20s and had just moved ...
Jan 01, 2016

After ’98: Censorship, compromises and resistance

by Eliza Vitri Handayani
October 2015 was a busy and controversial month for Indonesian literature dealing with the history of the 1965–66 mass killings in Indonesia. First, there was the Frankfurt Book Fair where Indonesia was the focus country ...
Dec 17, 2015

A Bloody Past: On Censorship in Indonesia

by Eliza Vitri Handayani
On October 23, I received news from the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival: due to warnings from local police, the festival had to cancel sessions related to 1965 anti-communist massacres and their aftermath. I was ...