The Emma Press


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The Emma Press is an independent poetry publisher based in Winnersh, UK, and dedicated to producing beautiful, funny books. It was founded in 2012 by me, Emma Wright, formerly of Orion Books, and I run it mostly by myself, with Rachel Piercey as a regular co-editor.

I want to edit, design, illustrate, publicise, produce, sell and occasionally write books that excite me and that I want to share with everyone else. I want to publish the kind of writing that makes people laugh and cry and text extracts to their friends because it inspires such a strong response in them.
I also want to publish the kind of books you want to carry around in your pocket or handbag, to dip into on the train or while you’re waiting for the bus as well as have on your ereader or phone like you would an mp3 of a favourite song. I want my books to be gorgeous and covetable like Medieval illuminated manuscripts, except without the gold leaf and hand-lettering because I can’t afford it. They’ll be on nice paper, though, with illustrations where appropriate and some sweet typography. I hope that other people like and enjoy them too.1

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