Tiga Serangkai


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Tiga Serangkai has been established on 28th September 1958 by a couple of Elementary School (SD) teacher in Wuryantoro Wonogiri. They are The Late of H. Abdullah Marzuki (Alm) and his wife Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah. The purpose of developing this company is to produce the book of ‘Himpunan Pengetahuan Umum’ dan ‘Himpunan Pengetahuan Alam’ which was highly demanded by the schools and students at that time. All the books were the outcome of their efforts of writing and collecting all the questions that related to those topics due to the responsible as a teacher who wanted to see their students succeed in the study.

The couple chose to put their company’s name as Tiga Serangkai (TS) because of commemorate meritorious of Toko Buku Tiga which responsibled to publish their books at the first time before the books had tremendously increased in demand and at that time they were proposed by the owner of Toko Buku Tiga to set up their own company because the prospect was good in the future. Then TS was set up and its first place of operation was in Sukoharjo, Central Java.1

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