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Nov 28, 2017, The Margins

Transpacific Literary Project: Fluid

A platform for writing from across East and Southeast Asia.
Oct 17, 2017, The Margins

Transpacific Literary Project: Residue

A platform for writing from across East and Southeast Asia.
Aug 07, 2017, The Margins

ASEAN at 50: Poems from Across Southeast Asia

Half a century on, what does it mean to be part of ASEAN? To mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN, the Transpacific Literary Project presents a series of poems by writers across ...
Jul 18, 2017, Asymptote

Asymptote Journal – Summer 2017

World literature is the literature of many worlds, intersecting on one “endlessly rotating earth” (Chen Li). This summer, come play Spin the globe! with the only magazine that could assemble never-before-published writing from 27 countries and 21 languages ...
Jun 01, 2017,

Dalang Publishing’s Your Stories

Translation section in Dalang Publishing official website, featuring the selected short story, poem, or article of the month along with its English translation.
Apr 01, 2017, Asia Literary Review

Asia Literary Review — Issue 33

Much of this issue celebrates the work of translators, and we include some of the entries and finalists from our collaboration with English PEN. One of these is Shion Miura’s The Handymen of Mahoro, translated ...
Feb 01, 2017, Cordite Poetry Review

Cordite Poetry Review — 57: CONFESSION

Cordite Poetry Review — 57: CONFESSION, with Keri Glastonbury. When I chose the theme of ‘Confession’ for this issue, I wanted to see what meaning it might yet have in our contemporary digital dialectic, where we ...
Jan 01, 2017, Asymptote

Asymptote Journal – Jan 2017

So we made it after all to our sixth anniversary issue (commemorate with us by watching this mind-blowing video trailer), the galloping horse on the cover impossibly apt. If the translator is a “supertourist” (according to contributor Amanda DeMarco in her tour de force essay consisting ...