Endang Moerdopo: Her journey as a dancer and storyteller

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About Endang Moerdopo,
Written by Ellen Rosawita, and was originally published in The Jakarta Post,
May 21, 2018

When Endang Moerdopo arrived in Aceh back in 2004, the fierce tsunami had just devastated the province, popularly called Tanah Rencong. Endang had come to Aceh to assist the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency (BRR) to help disaster victims get over their trauma through her expertise in dance therapy, as well as collect data for her master’s thesis in sociology.

During her stay in Aceh, Endang, who now teaches social welfare sciences and is a postgraduate school director at the Widuri School of Social and Political Science in Jakarta, became acquainted with the story of a powerful, outstanding woman named Malahayati.

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