Achdiat K Mihardja


He was born in Garut (Mar 06, 1911), and died in Canberra (Jul 08, 2010)
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An author, novelist and playwright. He is best known for his novel, Atheis, which was published in 1949. Atheis is considered one of Indonesia’s most important literary works following World War II.

Before becoming a professor of Australian National University from 1961 until his retirement, he worked as a teacher Taman Siswa, editor of the Balai Pustaka, Representative Director of the Department of Culture Jakarta Raya, Indonesia and lecturer at the Faculty of Letters. His work include: Polemic Culture (1948; [ed].), Drama clash in Asmara (1952), Mr. Abdullah in extremists (1977), and novels strewn Love Dust (1973) and Atheists (1949). The latter is his most famous work and obtain the Annual Prize GoI in 1969. Three years later the novel was translated RJ Maguire into English.1

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