Afrizal Malna


He was born in Jakarta (Jun 07, 1957), and currently lives in Jakarta
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An Indonesian activist and writer of prose, poetry, and theatrical texts. He has published several books, such as: Ruang di Bawah Telinga, Biografi Visual Made Wianta (2009), Pada Bantal Berasap (2010), Perjalanan Teater Kedua, Antologi Tubuh dan Kata (2010), Jembatan Ilusi Antara Seni dan Kota (25 Tahun Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (2012), and Museum Penghancur Dokumen (2013). Malna also participated in several events, including Performance Platform Lublin (Juli 2012), DAAD residence in Berlin (August-September 2012), Performance Art Undisclosed Territory Forum in Mojokerto (2013), and Bienal Sastra Salihara (2013). He has awarded as Man of The Year by Tempo magazine for his poetry collections Teman-temanku Dari Atap Bahasa (2008). He also achieved an award from the Language Center of Education and Culture Department and SEA Write Award from Bangkok for his book Teman-temanku Dari Atap Bahasa (2010), and Khatulistiwa Literary Award for his poetry collections Museum Penghancur Dokumen (2013).1

  1. ALF2014 


  Berlin Proposal
Poetry Collection
220 page(s), Nuansa Cendekia
  Di Tubuh Tarra, dalam Rahim Pohon: Cerpen Pilihan KOMPAS 2014
220 page(s), Penerbit Buku Kompas
  Anxiety Myths
Poetry Collection
128 page(s), Lontar Foundation
  Kepada Apakah
302 page(s), Motion Publishing
  Museum Penghancur Dokumen
Poetry Collection
110 page(s), Garudhawaca

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