Arafat Nur


He was born in Lubuk Pakam (Dec 22, 1974), and currently lives in Banda Aceh

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Arafat Nur, born on 22 December 1974 in Lubuk Pakam, North Sumatera is an Indonesian novelist, poet, short stories writer, and a journalist. He once held position as the chief of Literature Division at Ranub Aceh Foundation (KRA). He joined the meeting of Sumatrans Literature which was held by DKA/Lempa in Banda Aceh (1999). Arafat Nur has earned a number of awards, such as the winner of Short Story Writing held by Taman Budaya Aceh (1999), the first consolation prize winner of Short Story Competition held by Telkom Online (2005), and the third winner of Novel Writing National Competition held by Lingkar Pena Forum (2005). His poems were published in Keranda-Keranda anthology (2000), Aceh Dalam Puisi (2003), Mahaduka Aceh (2005), and Lagu Kelu (2005), while his short stories were published in Remuk anthology (2000). Arafat Nur has also published novels, including Meutia Lon Sayang (2005), Cinta Mahasunyi (2005), Percikan Darah di Bunga (2005), and Lampuki (2011). He won Khatulistiwa Literary Award (KLA) in 2011, through his novel Lampuki.


Seumpama Matahari
144 page(s), DIVA Press
Burung Terbang di Kelam Malam
(Bird Flies in the Dark of Night)
page(s), Bentang Pustaka
436 page(s), Penerbit Serambi

Work(s) in Translation