Azhari Aiyub


He was born in Banda Aceh (Oct 05, 1981), and currently lives in Banda Aceh
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Acehnese writer Azhari Aiyub won the Poets of All Nations’ Free Word Award in 2005. Perempuan Pala and The Garden of Delights & Other Tales is his collection of short stories. In 2018, his novel Kura-kura Berjanggut received the Khatulistiwa Award for prose. His works are published in various languages.1



Kura-Kura Berjanggut
(The Bearded Turtle)
960 page(s), Banana Publisher
The Garden of Delights & Other Tales
Collection of Short Stories
164 page(s), BTW Books
Perempuan Pala
Collection of Short Stories
135 page(s), AKY Press

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Azhari: The author of Aceh by Prodita Sabarini — Jakarta Post (Nov 16, 2008)

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