Deddy Arsya


He was born in Bayang, Pantai Barat Sumatera (Dec 15, 1987), and currently lives in Padang

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He writes poetry, short stories, film and book reviews and essays on history and art. His works have been published in national newspapers, magazines and journals. His first poetry collection, Odong-odong Fort de Kock (Kabarita: 2013) was short-listed in Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2013 and was selected as the Literary Book of The Year 2013 by Tempo Newsmagazine.


  17.000 Islands of Imagination, A Bilingual Anthology of Indonesian Writing (2015 UWRF Anthology)
267 page(s),
  Odong-Odong Fort De Kock
Poetry Collection
91 page(s), Kabarita

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