Farida Susanty


She was born in Bandung (Jun 18, 1990), and currently lives in Bandung

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A young writer from Indonesia, who won Khatulistiwa Awards 2006-2007 for Best Young Writer. She has published two books, “Dan Hujan pun Berhenti” (“And Then The Rain Stops”) and “Karena Kita Tidak Kenal” (“Because We Don’t Know Each Other”).

Currently enrolled as student in Psychology department of Padjajaran University, her writings go around wide range of themes; including love, loss, estranged society, death, spirituality, hope, suicide, and teenage problems.

Her book “Dan Hujan pun Berhenti” has been optioned to be turned into major motion picture. Her other book, “Karena Kita Tidak Kenal” is an official selection for optioned books to be filmed by the filmmakers involved in LA Lights Indie Fest 2010. In 2011, her story from “Karena Kita Tidak Kenal”, “Rahasia” was made into short film by LA Lights Indie Fest participant, being top 10 short films that was played INAFFF (Indonesian Fantastic Film Festival). Her other story, “Tuhan”, about atheism, was also made into short film by Semiotika Embun Pagi.

She was also involved in collaborative writing project in “The Journeys” (2011) about traveling stories, and “Empat Elemen volume 2” (2011), short story collection made for Merapi victim.

She has been a speaker in various creative writing workshops and now she’s writing her third book. She currently looks for agent in US, to publish her work elsewhere.1

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  Dan Hujan Pun Berhenti
(And Then The Rain Stops)
322 page(s), Grasindo