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Feby Indirani

Writer / Member of Alinea

Born Jakarta (Feb 15, 1979), currently resides in Jakarta
Personal Web http://www.febyindirani.com
Social Goodreads Twitter

Journalist and Writer, started to write since elementary school, beginning with a diary. When in high school, she got 2nd place in an essay contest for teen organized by Gadis magazine, and was actively involved in a school publication. She went to Universitas Padjadjaran, majoring in journalistic, and joined djatinangor student publication. Feby won an Essay Writing Competition for Students in 2001, organized by Toyota Astra Foundation. Late 2002, she received a grant from the Asia Foundation and the Study Center for Religion and Civilization (PSAP) Muhammadiyah, through a call for papers on Women and Muhammadiyah.

May 2003 through June 2004, Feby worked as a reporter in Trust magazine. July 2004, Feby joined the Tempo Group when the organization started reactivating Tempo Center of Data and Analysis (PDAT). As a team, the PDAT published three books with Feby involved as writer. Among the titles is Ahmadiyah: Keyakinan yang Digugat (A Faith Accused), where Feby joined in a research trip to an Ahmadiyah village.

August 2006 through April 2011, Feby worked as a journalist in Business Week Indonesia (recently renamed as Bloomberg Businessweek Indonesia). Feby has published several works, started by a novel titled Simfoni Bulan (Bulan’s Symphony 2006). She also wrote two film-adaptation novels, a novel adapted from a lyric of a song, and a how-to on modeling. No, she never actually had a try at modeling, but she did systemize and codify the experience of Arzetti Bilbina, an Indonesian top model.

One of her book is titled I can (not) Hear: Journey of a Hearing-Impaired to a World of Sounds. was featured in the Kick Andy TV show in October 2009, and won the Anugerah Pembaca Indonesia Award 2010 from Goodreads Indonesia in best non-fiction.

Her short story collection Bukan Perawan Maria (Not Virgin Mary) (2017) has been translated into English and praised for its humorous, critical, yet empathetic approach to the Islamic world. It has been profiled by national and international media like The Australian, BBC, and Deutsch Welle.


Bukan Perawan Maria
Collection of Short Stories
220 page(s), Bentang Pustaka
Memburu Muhammad
(Hunting for Muhammad)
Collection of Short Stories
224 page(s), Bentang Pustaka
Non è mica la vergine Maria
Collection of Short Stories
192 page(s), ADD Editore
Not Virgin Mary
Collection of Short Stories
page(s), Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Bukan Perawan Maria
Collection of Short Stories
206 page(s), Pabrikultur
Perkara Mengirim Senja
Collection of Short Stories
200 page(s), Penerbit Serambi

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