Fira Basuki


She was born in Jakarta (Jun 07, 1972), and currently lives in Jakarta

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Fira Basuki (born June 7, 1972) is a well-known Indonesian novelist. Arguably her most famous work is her trilogy debut consisting of Jendela-Jendela (The Windows), Pintu (The Door) and Atap (The Roof). The trilogy concerning the journeys of Javanese brother and sister Bowo and June; from graduating high school, studying abroad in the US, their meta-physical experiences (especially Bowo’s “second sight” and aura-reading capabilities), relationships with people of different nationalities (especially June’s Tibetan husband), and their return home to Indonesia.

Her novel, Brownies, was adapted to a movie which was nominated for Best Picture at the 2005 Indonesian Film Festival, eventually losing out to Gie (though Brownies did earn a Best Director Citra award for Hanung Bramantyo[citation needed]). She recently launched to widespread media acclaim a popular biography on media person Wimar Witoelar, her first work in non-fiction.1

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