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He was born in Payakumbuh (Aug 13, 1965), and currently lives in Payakumbuh
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Gustafrizal Busra or known as Gus tf Sakai, is an Indonesian writer. His name Gus tf Sakai is used when he writes proses, while Gus tf used when he writes poems. He settles in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra. He graduated from elementary, middle, and high schools in Payakumbuh. Then he went to the Faculty of Animal Science, Andalas University, Padang (completed 1994).

His creativity evolved from his early childhood, which starts from the drawing, writing poems and essays on the diary. His first publication was a short story that won a contest when he was in 6th grade, 1979. Then he often join the competition and won. After publishing his works with a variety of pseudonyms until the end of high school in 1985, he decided to live by writing. Since then, he uses two names: Gus and Gus tf Sakai. In 1996, he returned to Payakumbuh. Together with his wife, Zurniati, he decided to live and settle in the village with their three children.

Some of his works have been translated into some languages. A collection of short stories, ‘Kemilau Cahaya dan Perempuan Buta’’, who won the Lontar Literary Award 2001 and translated into English and published by the Lontar Foundation under the title The Barber and Other Short Stories’’, which was translated by Justine FitzGerald, Anna Nettheim, and Linda Owens.1

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("This Kid Wants to Urinate all over Jakarta?”)
222 page(s), Penerbit Buku Kompas
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Collection of Short Stories
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Collection of Short Stories
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Collection of Short Stories
214 page(s), Penerbit Buku Kompas
  Pada Suatu Hari, Ada Ibu dan Radian
178 page(s), Penerbit Buku Kompas
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Collection of Short Stories
166 page(s), Penerbit Buku Kompas
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196 page(s), Penerbit Buku Kompas
  Mata yang Indah: Cerpen Pilihan KOMPAS 2001
(Beautiful Eyes)
222 page(s), Penerbit Buku Kompas

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