Hasan Aspahani


He was born in Sei Raden, Kutai (Mar 09, 1971), and currently lives in Batam
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A journalist and a poet with several books of poetry. Orgasmaya (Yayasan Sagang, 2007), Telimpuh (Koekoesan,2009), Luka Mata (Koekoesan, 2010), A Man who was Loved by An Angel (Kiblat, 2011), and a billingual book of poetry titled Mahna Hauri (Koekoesan, 2013). He also published a book about how to write poetry, Menapak ke Puncak Sajak (Koekoesan, 2007). Several of his poems were composed and recorded by Ananda Sukarlan.1

  1. ALF2015 


Luka Mata
Poetry Collection
98 page(s), Koekoesan

Media Writing(s)