Khrisna Pabichara


He was born in Makassar (Nov 10, 1975), and currently lives in Bogor

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A prolific writer and editor lives in Bogor, West Java. He has more than 10 year experience in public speaking, publishing and editing. His latest novel, Sepatu Dahlan (Dahlan’s Shoe) published by NouraBooks (2012) has been listed as a best seller in just three weeks after the release. He writes short stories, poetry and artiles on arts and culture. He is active in Kayla Pustaka, Kosakata, Komunitas Mata Aksara and Komunitas Planet Senen. His books range from non-fiction and know-how book to short story and poetry collections, including Mengawini Ibu (Marry My Mother) a short story collection published by Kayla Pustaka (2010).


Pohon Duka Tumbuh di Matamu
Poetry Collection
240 page(s), Indie Book Corner
Gadis Pakarena
Collection of Short Stories
180 page(s), Dolphin

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