Nuril Basri


He was born in Tangerang (Mar 01, 1985), and currently lives in Tangerang

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Nuril Basri was born in March, 1985 in a small village in Tangerang, Indonesia. He has worked as an internet shop operator, cashier, private tutor, a secretary in a Korean embassy, account manager, etc. Now he works as a waiter in hotels and cruise ships, while finding time for writing.

He experiments with genres and themes; starting with comedy, drama, horror, educational novels and coming of age stories. Some of his works are: My Favorite Goodbye (2016), Halo, Aku Dalam Novel (2009). His works have been translated and published in Malaysia, e.g: DOSA (2012),ROMANTIS (2015), ENAK (2016) and SUNYI (2017). Two of his works are being translated into English to be launched and distributed outside Indonesia and Malaysia.  Nuril is a serious person who likes to joke.1

  1. Islands of Imagination 


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