Sihar Simatupang


He was born in Jakarta (Oct 01, 1974), and currently lives in Jakarta
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Sihar Ramses Simatupang (Jakarta, 1974) studied Sociology at the University Sam Ratulang Manado and Literature at the University Airlangga, Surabaya. Sihar joined the Gapus Community and Teater Puska in Surabaya and was a co-founder of Rumpun Jerami Community. On a regular base he participated in discussion forum Meja Budaya (Cultural Table) at the Documentation Centre H.B. Jassin in Jakarta. His essays and short stories were published in various media. A large number of poems and short stories were published as a part of anthologies such as Sastra Nusantara ( Yogyakarta, 2012), Akulah Musi (Dewan Kesenian Sumatra Selatan, 2011) and Empat Amanat Hujan (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta, 2010). Malam Bulan is a selection of poetry readings broadcasted by Radio Nederland, Suara Indonesia (Ranesi). He also published Misteri Lukisan Nabila (Publisher Nuansa Cendekia, Bandung, 2013) and Bulan Lebam di Tepian Toba (Publisher Prenada Media Group, 2009). The latter was nominated for the Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2009. Sihar is a regular guest on jury panels. Currently he works as a cultural journalist for the daily paper Sinar Harapan.1

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