Valiant Budi Yogi


He was born in Bandung (Jun 13, 1980), and currently lives in
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Valiant Budi Yogi also known as Vabyo (born in Bandung, 13 June 1980) is an Indonesian award winning writer and a songwriter. He published his first book: Joker, Ada Lelucon di Setiap Duka in 2007. As he worked as a Creative Program Director, Valiant Budi has been frequently involved in seminars or talkshow as a speaker, or a jury for a variety of writing competitions. Some works can be seen in his website and several Indonesian magazines. Valiant Budi also known as a voice dubber for radio and TV advertising.

Valiant Budi published a second novel Bintang Bunting in 2008, a book of love letters compilation; To Love: True Love Keeps No Secrets in 2009, The Journeys, Kedai 1001 Mimpi (Shop of 1001 Dreams: The True Story of an Indonesian Writer who Worked Abroad) in 2011.


Forgotten Colors
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