Wimar Witoelar


He was born in Padalarang (Jul 14, 1945), and died in Jakarta (May 19, 2021)

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Wimar has published several books starting from academic works such as Ancillary Firm Development in Asia published in Japan and Small and Medium Business Development in Indonesia. His most popular work internationally is No Regrets, a memoir of his days with President Wahid published by Equinox Publishing and available at amazon.com. Written in English, it was successfully launched in Jakarta, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Washington DC. He has written countless testimonials and forewords in aspiring writers’ books. His previous books (in the Indonesian language) include the playfully ideological Towards an Ordinary People’s Party and Stealing Clarity from Confusion both reprinted by popular demand, and his first book in communications, Perspektif, based on the landmark television show. His latest book is More About Nothing, a sequel to A Book About Nothing.1

  1. UWRF 2014