Lara Norgaard

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An editor, journalist, and translator. A graduate of Princeton University (B.A. Comparative Literature), she founded and directed Artememoria, a free-access, English-language arts magazine focused on the memory of Brazil’s civil-military dictatorship and served as Editor-at-Large in Brazil for Asymptote from 2017–2019. Her nonfiction reporting has been published in publications such as Agência Pública and The Princeton Echo, her literary criticism in The Jakarta Post and Peixe-elétrico, and her translations of fiction and non-fiction in Asymptote Journal. Currently, she is a Luce Scholar collaborating with the Lontar Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia and a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Harvard University.

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Magical double (Kitchen Curse), published in Mekong Review (Jan 01, 2020)

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