Book / Novel

by Natasya Fila Rais

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
304 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786026416889
Published Nov 14, 2017 by Bitread Publishing

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Zara Belinda is an Indonesian women who is given a chance to study in New York, USA, by her parents. However, Zara does not know that her parents want her to apply in an all-boys high school, only because of a historical breakthrough in 1950’s. She starts her school life filled with intrigue, music, and conflicted love story. In the middle of piled up homework and tiring choir practice, a heartthrob named Carmichael Vincent is testing not only Zara’s patience, but also her heart. Can Zara survive studying in a school that she has never thought before? Are Zara and Carmichael hiding feelings from each other? Is it possible that Zara gets surprises after surprises in her life after loads of things going on in her life? Packed with fun drama and light humour, the author of young adult science fiction novel, Ephemerae, Natasya Fila Rais, presents a high school teen story like it has never been written before.

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