Butterfly Hug

Book / Non Fiction

by Tenni Purwanti

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
136 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786237284635
Published Sep 28, 2021 by Buku Mojok

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It takes a long time to make mental health a priority supported by the social system and the government. The stigma connected to survivors remains a formidable barrier to a meaningful and complete discussion of the subject. Prevention and therapy are being promoted, but the pervasiveness of harmful labels nevertheless hampers them. People who require mental health therapy frequently feel sadder and blame themselves. This book is a slight step toward tearing down that barrier.

Tenni recounts in detail how she recognized and sought help for the mental health challenges she was experiencing, speaking from her personal experience as an Anxiety Disorder survivor. Personal writing that isn’t overly dramatic. Tenni provided a wealth of information to scientifically explain the illness she has and how her disability does not prevent her from “functioning” as a human. This process leads to new experiences, which provide opportunities for exploration and a deeper embrace of herself.

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