Book / Novel

by Iwan Simatupang
Translated by Harry Aveling

Format: Paperback, English
176 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 9798083865/9789798083860
Published Jan 01, 2013 by Lontar Foundation

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Also see Kering

Drought, a translation of Iwan Simatupang’s novel, Kering (1972), is a joyous celebration of life and human commitment. Its hero is an ex-student, ex-soldier, and ex-bandit, who decides to transmigrate to one of the outer islands of Indonesia to restart life as a farmer. His near failure brings him into contact with a wonderful range of inspired madmen—bureaucrats, bandits, psychiatrists, religious teachers, and the beautiful woman known simply as the V.I.P. Combined, these characters bring into question the normalcy of conventional society. Drought shows Simatupang writing at the height of his powers and is a lyrical testimony to the strength—and the unpredictability—of the human character.

Drought doesn’t paint a pretty picture of transmigrant life – even if there isn’t a drought. The book’s tough and unpredictable characters are first-hand witnesses of cruel and perilous time.
Bill Dalton in Drought by Iwan Simatupang (Bali Advertiser, May 05, 2017)

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