Fireflies in Manhattan

Book / Collection of Short Stories

by Umar Kayam
Translated by John H. McGlynn

Format: Paperback, English
210 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 9798083849/9789798083846
Published Jan 01, 2013 by Lontar Foundation

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Marno took out a cigarette, then stood and went to the window. Lowering his gaze he looked at the jungle of skyscrapers. They appeared to be asleep. The pale moonlight made them look cold and hard. A feeling of emptiness and loneliness surged within him.

from the short story “A Thousand Fireflies in Manhattan”

What is fascinating to notice in this collection, however, is a real mood of loneliness that comes markedly through. Kayam’s characters are generally alone or feel themselves to be alone, fighting their individual problems.
Debra Yatim   in Fireflies in Manhattan through Javanese Eyes (Tempo English, Mar 22, 2013)

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