In Other Words: Forty Years of Essays

Book / Essay Collection

by Goenawan Mohamad
Author: Jennifer Lindsay

Format: Paperback, English
256 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9781742235158
Published Aug 01, 2016 by NewSouth

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Goenawan Mohamad is one of Indonesia’s foremost literary figures and public intellectuals, and this translated volume of essays, from 1968 to 2014, demonstrates the breadth of his perceptive and elegant commentary on literature, faith, mythology, politics, history and Indonesian life.

With almost 100 short essays, most taken from his popular columns in Tempo, the Indonesian-language news weekly, In Other Words shows a writer committed to Indonesia but grappling with universal themes and struggles, offering a fascinating insight into questions that concern us all.

There is a blend here of a particular Indonesian love for storytelling with the author's prodigious knowledge of Eastern and Western culture, in particular literature and history. While Indonesia is at their heart, many of the themes here are universal.
John Schauble   in In Other Words review: Goenawan Mohamad and the essence of Indonesia (The Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 26, 2016)

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