Book / Collection of Short Stories

by Nukila Amal

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
166 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /978-979-3064-13-0
Published Jan 01, 2005 by Pustaka Alvabet

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This anthology of Nukila Amal’s short stories describes the human condition, from day to day routine to extremes: people strolling, taking a break at a coffee bar, boredom, first love, the loneliness of the elderly, and the brutality of wars.

The characters in the stories could be anyone or anything: an expectant mother, an eccentric dancer, a dew drop, two talking hands, or a small crocodile bursting out from a picture. The stories take place in the Halmahera coastal region, the alleys and streets of Jakarta, a village in Corsica, a gallery in the Netherlands, a circus in the middle of nowhere, or the amusement park inside the eye. Several stories set off from the works of printmaker M.C. Escher.

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