Sentuh Papua, 1500 Miles, 153 Hari, Satu Cinta

Book / Novel

Touch Papua, 1500 Miles, 153 Days, One Love
by Aprila R A Wayar

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
376 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786020947723
Published Apr 27, 2018 by APRO Publisher

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Among the dark past and an uncertain future, a young Dutch journalist with South American roots traveled to the island of Papua to find answers about Post-Colonial New-Guinea. Equipped with simple cameras and several hundred Euros, he traveled through the treacherous Papuan forest to search for Papuan independence fighters who continue to fight against the Indonesian government. In this secret and dangerous journey, he always tried to avoid the cruel intelligence agents and security apparatus. He met political prisoners, church leaders, activists and a young Melanesian woman who changed his course of life.

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