The Adventures of Na Willa

Book / Novel — Women in Translation

by Reda Gaudiamo
Translated by Ikhda Maharsi Kate Wakeling

Format: Paperback, English
119 page(s)
Published Apr 11, 2019 by The Emma Press

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Indonesian author Reda Gaudiamo has created a collection of stories of curious adventures and musings of a multicultural girl growing up in Indonesia with a Javanese mother and a Chinese-Indonesian father. Set in a time when children spent the day outside, listening to Lilis Suryani’s songs on the radio, and when race and gender would still go undiscussed, this is Na Willa’s story as she grows up unafraid to ask the big questions.

The fact that one single page was able to hook my son and keep him interested speaks volumes for this little red book.
Claire Storey in World Kid Lit Review: The Adventures of Na Willa (Personal Blog, Apr 22, 2020)

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