The Dancer

Book / Novel

by Ahmad Tohari
Translated by René T.A. Lysloff 

Format: Paperback, English
478 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 6029144219/9786029144215
Published Jan 01, 2013 by Lontar Foundation

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Set in the tumultuous days of the mid 1960s, “The Dancer” describes a village community struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing world. It also provides readers with a ground-level view of the political turmoil and human tragedy leading up to and following the abortive Communist coup. This trilogy of novels traces the lives of two characters: Srintil, a dancer whose unwitting involvement with the region’s leftist propaganda machine sets her at odds with Rasus, the love of her life who embraces Islam and finds a career in the army.

Through their separate experiences, both learn the concepts of shame and sin: Rasus after he leaves their home village and journeys into the wider world and Srintil when the outside world finally comes crashing into her remote and isolated village.

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