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A girl is born every hour. Goodbye, says the mother. Who are you? asks the father. Every hour, a new curse is unleashed upon the world. *** Once upon a time, in a near yet far-off place, a child sprung into being. Her misadventures, mysterious and absurd, are recounted here as poems. … [Read more...]


Influenced by speculative writing, Voyages is a collection that follows the Earth and its inhabitants through various stages of transformation. Time, people, stories and places continuously evolve and morph, taking new forms. Science turns into dreams, then into a themed party at the apocalypse. … [Read more...]

Cut Woman

In a post-colonial world shaped by what is and what will be lost, what is there left to celebrate? In Dena Igusti's debut collection Cut Woman, Igusti is overwhelmed by the loss of their people. The loss includes but is not limited to: the deaths of Muslims around the world due to xenophobia and … [Read more...]

Brother Poem

A speculative-poetic work from the Forward Prize-winning, T.S. Eliot shortlisted author of RENDANG 4 million years ago, a tiny branch in the multiverse led to the formation of Brother Poem, a book from a dimension uncannily like our own but intuited through signs, whispers, glitches, and echoes, … [Read more...]

A Tinderbox in Three Acts

Selected by Aracelis Girmay, A Tinderbox in Three Acts is at once elegy and exegesis, fact and invention. In her fourth poetry collection, Cynthia Dewi Oka performs a lyric accounting of the anti-Communist genocide of 1965, which, led by the Indonesian military and with American assistance, … [Read more...]