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Dear fellow volunteers,
As mentioned on this Call for Volunteers page, relies on volunteers (and interns) to help with a wide variety of tasks. These include: 1) curating content and expanding our ever-growing data bank; 2) collaborating on special projects and assisting with events; 3) conducting research on diverse topics; 4) handling marketing and communications needs; 5) getting involved in writing projects such as articles for our literary blog.   

The main activity for volunteers (hereinafter referred to as Contributors) is particularly for content-related activities,—especially the desire to continue and adding ever-growing data bank (can be with researching, monitoring, reading, etc.), also involved in writing projects—, because that’s the essence of the presence of this site.

But surely the possibility of such contributions into other areas are also acceptable, such as assisting in events or even involved in literature-related projects,—publishing a monthly digest edition consists literature updates on Indonesian literature for the latest two-months.

For that reason, we activated a system that can help us to streamline this work. If you are familiar with the Trello app (running on desktop and mobile), this is the app we choose for it.


So far, there are about 12 active boards (developing) to manage all’s activities. Two of them are main board (at least in this October) for content updating needs.

(1) LIBRARY UPDATES (October 2017)     

(2) Blog / Article / News / Essay / Opinion / Review   

In “LIBRARY UPDATES”,—the board for main content in—, allows all contributors to participate. Aggregate content for new writers, media clipping, books, book synopsis, book stories (can be about reviews, new book releases, stories behind book-making), events and festivals, works in translation, until provide supporting data for publishers, media, and contributing authors.

While the “Blog / Article / News / Essay / Opinion / Review” board is a submission board that allows contributors to participate in the writing projects, especially articles for our literary blog needs.


Furthermore, the most important thing we will ever do to steward contributors is saying thank you. So, what are we going to do?

We will be posting a roundup of all the minor/major updates, as a blog post, at the end of every month, along with its contributors list as an expression of gratitude. Promotes thankfulness to a broad audience shows we appreciate contributors’ time and efforts, and the impact they’ve made for idwriters.

(latest roundup blog post will be published on October 31, 2017)

But then again, flexibility and a willingness to help out wherever needed is especially appreciated! So, for complete information and administrative needs, please fill your personal information up on this board

(3) Contributors,

and tell us which role would interest you the most.

Other boards, there are

(4) Awards

(5)   Copy

(6) Funding

(7) Lounge

(8) Media / Partnerships

(9) Projects

(10) Publishing Materials / Social Media Posts

(11) Technical / Programming / Server-Side

Along with this recent running project, monthly digest edition

(12) October 2017 Digest Edition


So, whether you are a literary enthusiast, or even clueless–but curious–about literary works in Indonesia, let’s get involved, and contribute!