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Makassar International Writers Festival 2017

Events / Festival / Main Festival

May 17, 2017 - May 20, 2017
Fort Rotterdam, Makassar

Visit the official website, or follow them on Twitter, or tune in to this hashtag #MIWF17


Aan Mansyur Adhitya Mulya Bondan Winarno Budi Darma Clara Ng Debra Yatim Esti Kinasih Ika Natassa Lala Bohang Maggie Tiojakin Ridwan Alimuddin Sapardi Djoko Damono Shinta Febriany Valiant Budi YogiEndy Bayuni Olin Monteiro

Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) is the first and only international literary festival held in Eastern Indonesia. The festival is organized by Rumata’ Artspace as an annual program. Since its first edition in 2011, the festival has become the most-anticipated literary event for the locals.

It is renowned for its relaxed and informal atmosphere as well as its diverse and eclectic program of stimulating, engaging and entertaining conversations.


Below is some of the highlight programs that involves participating writers from Indonesia. For the complete festival program, please visit The Makassar International Writers Festival 2017 schedule page.

Day 1

Book Launch and Discussion: “Dari Timur“. Selected writings from MIWF — Faisal Oddang, Erni Aladjai, Emil Amir, Ibe S Palogai. Hosted by Shinta Febriany.
Book Launch: “Cinta Yang Marah“ — M. Aan Mansyur, Irfan Ramli. Hosted by Nurhady Sirimorok.

Day 2

Book Launch: “Rafilus”, Budi Darma — Hosted by Aan Mansyur.
Sharing Session: Singing Your Poetry — Ananda Sukarlan, Poemuse, Sapardi Djoko Damono. Hosted by Khrisna Pabichara.

Day 3

MIWF Goes to Campus: Bissu and Other Stories About Minorities — Bénédicte Gorrillot, Yerry Wirawan, Halilintar Latief, Faisal Oddang.
Emerging Writers 2017: Discovering New Writing From Eastern Indonesia — Anaci Tnunay, Ashari Ramadana, Bayu Pratama, Maria Pankratia, Nurdahlia Simba, Muhammad Arham. Hosted by Shinta Febriany, Budi Darma.
In Conversation with Sapardi Djoko Damono — Hosted by Joko Pinurbo.

Day 4

Don’t Judge The Book by Its Movie — Ika Natassa, Adhitya Mulya. Hosted by Irfan Ramly.
In Conversation with Afrizal Malna — Hosted by Shinta Febriany.
Book Launch & Movie Screening: “Another Trip To The Moon“ — M. Aan Mansyur, Ismael Basbeth. Hosted by Faisal Oddang.
A Cup of Poetry: An Afternoon Coffee With Poetry Reading — Ari Reda and other poets. Hosted by Khrisna Pabhicara.

Organized by Rumata’ Artspace