Leila S. Chudori’s ‘The Sea Speaks His Name’ released by Penguin Random House SEA

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About The Sea Speaks His Name,
and was originally published in Jakarta Post,
Feb 29, 2020

Penguin Random House SEA announced on Friday the release of veteran journalist and author Leila S. Chudori's true-story-inspired novel The Sea Speaks His Name. Translated from Leila's Laut Bercerita by John McGlynn, the first half of the book follows a student activist named Biru Laut, who was kidnapped and eventually went missing in 1998, a few months prior to the downfall of Suharto. The second half of the novel focuses on the struggles faced by Biru Laut's younger sister, Asmara Jati, and other families of kidnapped student activists, as they seek answers to never-ending questions.

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